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Manjushri Buddha Skull T-Shirt

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Product Description

Manjushri Buddha -skull-t shirt
With a front side bio mechanical skull with Japanese Buddhist symbol and back side a print of Manjushri integrated in a bio mechanic skull and a small a Japanese style red stamp shaman logo
Manjushri, bodhisattva of wisdom
His Sanskrit name means "He Who Is Noble and Gentle." He is often portrayed as a young man holding a sword in his right hand and the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Wisdom) Sutra in or near his left hand. Sometimes he rides a lion, which highlights his princely and fearless nature. Sometimes, instead of a sword and a sutra, he is pictured with a lotus, a jewel, or a scepter. His youthfulness indicates that wisdom arises from him naturally and effortlessly.
Very powerful Hoodie sweatshirt who will protect you thought your travel and give you the wisdom when you will need it.

Available in black and grey

Made from 100 % cotton


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