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Monkey-King T-Shirt

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Product Description

The Irezumi Oni collection. ( Monkey king)
Monkey king t shirt is a hand drawing art print t shirt
It's a concept design long sleeves t shirt long  build in 3 parts with a hand design print of the Monkey king in the Japanese tradition of the Oni, on the chest , plus a tribal Japanese print on the right shoulder and upper sleeve a Japanese traditional print on the both lower right sleeve's
A piece of original art
Made of the finest cotton
Available in 2 combinations colors black khaki as white black
Tattoo art in Japan has a long tradition. it links art history with modern youth cultures and subcultures. The colorful and detailed full-body tattoos, Irezumi(insertion of ink)or horimono (carved object),became popular during the 18th century and has a major push during the beginning of the 19th century . Oni Japanese demons are creatures from Japanese folklore, similar to Western demons, ogres and trolls. They are poplar's characters in Japanese art, literature, and theatre. Japanese demons are renown tough out the world, and nobody does them better than master horiyoshiIII (Yoshito Nakano) from Yokohama. Shaman Electro Fashion brand is proud to present a collection of Art T shirt inspired by Japanese demons Oni and paying homage to the great art-tattoo master Horiyoshi IIl

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