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Pro Reporter Jacket

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Product Description

Shaman Electro - Lightweight Pro Reporter Jacket ®

Through our journeys around the world the concept of a professional photographer's jacket came into being. Our camera is our second set of eyes, which has to be ready at all times to capture the scenes that present themselves to us.
The Lightweight Pro Reporter Jacket System ® is the ultimate camera carrying gear, perfect for active photographers and hardworking professionals. Fast and easy access to your camera is essential and protecting it from the elements is important.
This Jacket will afford exceptional access and protection to your camera simultaneously, via a specially designed pocket system.
Waterproof and completely safe, this system allows active pursuit of photography in outdoor environments, without the worry or camera safety. It will completely cover your camera gear attractively and discreetly.

This Jacket is built for the ultimate protection of your expensive camera equipment. Designed for any travel to take the maximum amount of equipment in the most secure environment.The Lightweight Pro Reporter Jacket ® is a truly unique piece of gear. Coming from a strong fashion background, it was created with an urban tribal design incorporating style and utility.
Lightweight and durable, this Jacket will become one of your favorite things to use and wear.
Unique features include protective camera carrying pouch and Velcro panel, large side pockets ideal for keep hands warm, a total of 20 pockets.
Designed for any travel to take the maximum amount of equipment in the most secure environment.
It's a high end product but it's worth every penny
Probably the best reporter jacket in the world


Specification sheet: Lightweight pro reporter system Jaeket ®
Removable sleeves , transform your vest in a vest.
Hidden zipper pockets on sleeves cover with velcro
Hidden chood inside the collar.

Thick padded sides and reinforced padded interior dividers provide the peace of mind that your gear will be well protected.

Warranty card manual booklet include with the vest .

Inside large printed logo of Shaman pro reporter vest ®All logo printed on leather patch.

A total of 20 pockets.

14 outside pockets. -2 chest buttons pockets -4 zipper utility mid-pockets pockets- 2 utility mid-pockets button closure and zipper - 2 Velcro side large hand pockets - 2 hidden small zip pockets 2 large compartments 2 zip medium pockets.

3 inside pockets-1 chest zipper pocket -1 large compartments left side.

Camera lightweight pro reporter vest systems pocket on right side .

1 large secret backside zipper closed documents pocket.
2 hidden zipper pockets on sleeves cover with velcro

Available in beige canvas combined with brown leather or black canvas combined with black leather .


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