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Ovnimoon Galactic Mantra

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Ovnimoon is the psy progressive project created by Hector Stuardo, born in Santiago de Chile in 1979, one of the most famous trance projects in the world today
Producing Pure Psychedelic Progressive Trance! Something unique in these days
Galactic mantra is the first psychedelic Trance hymn
We at Shaman decided to produce a picture disc vinyl which will be remember in the history of the psychedelic trance music history
This is the first ever picture album with a full on psychedelic art drawing of a galactic Shiva printed on the vinyl and on the other side the Cyber DJ Ganesh logo from Shaman Electro Records.
The 2 tracks 2 love is the Key and Galactic Mantra have been specially remixed for vinyl's sound
It's a limited edition of 500 records and will not be reedit.
It has been pressed and release in France to assure the highest sound quality on a vinyl.
Very important the vinyl s must be order separately from the clothes as they will be send from France.
The cost sending for 2 3 or 4 vinyls are the same.
You can order maximum only 4 of them, as it is a limited edition.
This cult collector vinyl!
A piece of art in the psychedelic trance culture
Galactic Mantra Lyrics:
I AM Light.

I AM Infinite. I AM The Channel. I AM Expanding. I AM Psychedelic. I AM Vibration. I AM Timeless. I AM Unity. I AM Activating. I AM Resonant. I AM Galactic. I AM Radiant. I AM Defined. I AM Electric. I AM Lunar. I AM Magnetic. I AM Planetary. I AM Balanced. I AM Organized. I AM Connected. I AM Inspired. I AM In Harmony. I AM In-tegrity. I AM Perfect. I AM Manifestation. I AM Dissolving. I AM Releasing. I AM Liberated. I AM Dedicated. I AM Universalized and Divine, Transcending Mantra. I AM Being. I AM Communicating. I AM Spirit. I AM Breathing. I AM Cosmic. I AM Essence. I AM Power. I AM Action. I AM Dreaming. I AM Abundance. I AM Intuition. I AM God. I AM Extreme. I AM Internal and External. I AM Flowering. I AM The Clocking. I AM Aware. I AM Lifeforce. I AM Surviving. I AM DMT. I AM Spiraling. I AM Arc. I AM Accomplishing. I AM Healing. I AM Beauty. I AM Elegance. I AM Pure. I AM Flowing. I AM Love. I AM Chakras. I AM Co-inciding. I AM Playing. I AM Magic. I AM Elusive. I AM Free Will. I AM Wise. I AM Exploring. I AM Space and Time. I AM Waking Life. I AM Vivid. I AM Enchanting. I AM Timelessness and Complete, Infinite Design. I AM Alien. I AM Human. I AM Receptive. I AM Vision. I AM Energy. I AM Mindful. I AM Questioning. I AM Answering. I AM Intelligent. I AM Fearless. I AM Evolving. I AM Opening My Third Eye to the Unseen Vision, Translating. I AM Synchronicity. I AM Reflecting. I AM Endlessness. I AM Order and Chaos. I AM The Tao. I AM Crystalized. I AM Self-generation. I AM Affirming. I AM Enlightened. I AM Blind. I AM The Tone. I AM The Color. I AM Electronic. I AM Lunar and Solar, Opposite and Polar. I AM Language. I AM Radial. I AM Particles of Plasma. I AM Endurance. I AM Cosmic. I AM Releasing. I AM Liberating. I AM Perfect. I AM Pulsing. I AM Realizing. I AM The One Because The One Are All. I AM Form. I AM The Infinite, Nothing That Becomes The Everything. I AM Symbolic. I AM Relative. I AM The Divine Spirit that Harmonizes with Laws. I AM Projecting. I AM Controlled Experience. I AM Desire. I AM Being.



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