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Changa Entheogenic Vision

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Changa Entheogenic Vision
Available in Short sleeves t shirt & tank Top Tee
Left Chest Pocket
These Tees and tank top tees are designed for comfort, freedom of movement, and stylish Fashion
100% finest combed cotton
Dark grey

Changa Entheogenic Vision
Through the hard and potentially dangerous work of back yard shamans and amature ethnobotanists, many plants have been discovered that have the alkaloids necessary to produce the ayahausca effect. Synthesized laboratory grade chemicals have also been used to produce this effect, creating what some have called pharmahuasca, and what some purists call an abomination. Nevertheless, entheogen researchers have found that the plants and chemicals needed to produce ayahuasca are far reaching and can be found in many plants around the world.
Someone in Australia discovered that if one infused the leaves of B. Caapi with DMT naturaly extracted from Acacia trees, that it could be smoked to form a totally new and undiscovered way of creating the ayahuasca effect.........


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