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FRACTAL GANESH  designed by Aashit Singh is one of finest Ganesh design by an Indian new generation psychedelist artist produce with the new techno fabric from Shaman that keep the wearer warm or cool but also dry, moisturized, free from bacteria, allergy, odor and stains keep  Sweat? No longer a problem! The Stay-Dry and Hydrophilic NANO-technologies keep your skin dry throughout the day and the Anti-Bacterial fabric is tested to be smell p                                                                       The perfect HOODIE  for going party traveling dancing physical activities !            One of the finest world HOODIE actually  !

Aashit Singh a.k.a theare
Visionary Artist, Digital Alchemist, Holistic Hallucationist. Landscape/Timelapse photographer
lives and works in mumbai, india.born in 1982, Aashit had intense keenness in the detail and intricacy of nature and the elements that bind it together. Upon adulthood he pursued art college and now partners an advertising & design agency in Mumbai.Outside of the commercial arena he works as a digital visionary artist creating artworks for multiple genres, mostly in the psychedelic music environment. works under the name of "theARE"
Some of the labels include Sangoma Records, Believelab, Nano Records, Parvati Records, Banyan Records, Damaru Records, Sacred Technology Records,
Popol Vuh Records, Monkey Business Records and many others including home grown labels like Trinetra Records, Backflip Records etc.Although he works on multiple genres of enlightenment and relatively dark environments, his artworks usually has a very organic and warm vividness to them.Some have a very ethereal, dreamy and almost hallucinogenic effect on the onlooker. Color or otherwise - the intention and attention to deal is always critical to his being, simplicity has been dissected and details have been extracted to further enhance the viewing and perceptions of the wholeness.On personal levels he most works on hindu spiritual and mythological elements and personalities which resonate most with his faith in that realm.

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