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I Vest

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Product Description

I vest  SHAMAN HTUC-System (Hi-Tech Utility Clothing System)
Technophiles tend to travel with lots of hardware and gadgets. Each of those gadgets often needs its own charger and we need cables to connect those gadgets to other device. In short, we need lots of space for our electronics when we travel.

Shaman HTUC (Hi - Technology - Utility - Clothing) System
Shaman product utility wear as the light weight pro reporter vest system and the electro traveller vest  vest emphases the concept that travelers and pro photographers should wear all of their devices and accouterments within their, backpack, or luggage but in their HTUC.

One of HTUC Vest's key features, in the electro traveler vest  , is its Personal Area Network. Although this feature's name might conjure up notions of high tech, it is instead a low-tech but quite clever earphone cables manager.

Electro traveler vest include

10 outside pockets .-2 chest zipper pockets -2 chest cargo pockets- 2 utilty mid-pockets- 2 below large zip pockets- 2 below large cargo pockets -personal area network.

8 inside pockets -2 chest zipper pockets -2mid pockets with velcro-2 large comparments mid pockets with velcro-2 below large zip pockets -personal area network

i pad compatible -delivered with an instruction manual book .

A beautiful manjusrhi the buddha of the compassion in a bio mechanic  skull  art print  inside of the vest make this vest the most elaborated artistic designer world traveler vest,

The electro Traveler  Vest is an incredible  practical and useful low-tech TEC product that can simplify life with all your high-tech mobile devices. Instead of sweating the price, think of it as an investment for life




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