The History

Shaman was founded in 1992 as Anjuna Trance World and was headquartered in Bangkok and Goa.
The original store was opened in 1993 in north Anjuna, Goa, under the name Anjuna Trance World. It was one of the very first Psy Trance Labels and stores in Goa and the world.

In 1997, Shaman was one of the first companies ever to develop a website discussing the hemp and psytrance music culture associated with the Anjuna goa party.
These subjects were the focus of the website

In 2000, the same year Shaman opened the Cyber Bazar, the world’s largest psytrance store, in Bali, we established our online shaman store, which began selling products worldwide. Utilizing the Internet’s capacity to market directly to customers

After many years established in Bali, The Shaman brand is now an official UK Corporation headquartered in England, and our record label, Shaman Electro Records, is a legally recognized business in San Francisco, California.

We have no plans to ever become a major corporation; our business is thrilled to be underground, and we are happy to be here because of you and for you.

The Vision

The ancient Shamans were mediators in their culture, communicating with the spirits on behalf of the community. We at Shaman believe fashion, music, visual arts, and multi-media have a bigger influence on culture and people’s behavior than the actual governments have.

‘In Plants We Trust’ – a plant is a healer plus a sacred opening, revered in ancient cultures and used ritualistically by the shaman or medicine man.

If people can create an eco-friendly trend or even promote the existing green trend, we can succeed in preventing further degradation of our environment, as well as fueling the battle against unsustainable behavior, abuse of resources, pollution, and general environmental havoc.

Tapping into a modern-day global consciousness is necessary in order to go back to a more genuine mentality. The world is changing and people around the globe are beginning to ‘shine the light of consciousness on their lives and actions.

At Shaman we believe we can heal ourselves through the correct diet & lifestyle including music and dance.

An appreciation for Earth/Nature, cultural awareness, tribal identity, individualism within your community, communication of creative ideas through clothing, music & multi-media, and natural healing.

Happiness & balance between the body & the mind.

Shaman Family

The Shaman Family Team is the creator and the leading pioneer of the Electro Fashion and Electro Wear.

This is made possible by an exceptional team effort behind the scenes.
The Shaman family consists not only of extremely talented fashion designers, such as the founder of Shaman Brand Patrick Zaffini from France or Agnes Caroline from Bali, the main Fashion designer behind the lady collection, but also of various talents in the following fields: Art Graphic Music but musicians, visual creator, DJs, VJs, events decorator, party organizer, software developer, web designer, as well as the support of Buddhists lamas Hindu Yogis Master and Zen Masters.
All of these internationally gifted individuals hail from the United States, Bali, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile China , Canada, India, France, Japan, Germany, Greece, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Portugal, Scotland, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Together they are creating the Shaman Generation, a definitive new global lifestyle.


Shaman electro-wear is a fun and futuristic fashion style where creative French haute couture is mixed with American Surplus, Japanese Anime / Harajuku, and Canadian streetwear influence. The Shaman style can be described as electronic, colorful, cutting edge, dynamic, futuristic, tribal, and unique. How do Shaman beliefs influence product design? We believe in stepping out of your comfort zone, not being afraid of standing out, and making your mark with your own brand of modern tribal consciousness. You will not find anything in London, Mumbai, Paris, Rio, New York, or Tokyo that compares in its integrated design.

Today, there are a lot of beautiful, high-tech natural products on the market, so we teamed up with a lot of designers and manufacturers around the world to bring you the best fashion and products ever.

Electronic Product

In 2008 Shaman came out with one of the first-ever future Metaverse gadgets, the 1-SeeTM G1 video headset from Shaman Electro was a price-point revolution for high-quality video eyewear. Hi-fi quality in-ear phones complement the rich video content supplied by your iPod, MP4 player, Video Equipped Mobile Phone, Games Console, Video Camera, TV Tuner, PC/Mac. We knew that Video headsets, such as Personal Displays will become a dominant consumer item Multi-Media.

Shaman Electro Records

Shaman Electro Records produce cutting-edge music compilations of World Electronica. Other genres include Electro dance music with an international array of artists. Shaman actively supports the Electro Arts by donating a part of the profits from clothing and other products towards the creation of new music.

Shaman Portal

Shaman has taken a big step forwards in terms of its digital presence with the addition of an updated portal. Art Fashion, one of the most beautiful jewelry collections of the 21st century, and the most interesting new products in the electro culture industry are all on the new portal.

We worked with designers and manufacturers from all over the world to provide you with what you have always wanted because there are a lot of stunning high-tech and natural items accessible throughout the world right now. We also offer very different kinds of healing and experiences through our new online travel agency. a higher-level new experience online .
Not as just a Brand and a shopping experience, but as a magnificent way to