ELITE by Philippe Lechat

Electro Universalis Music.

Musica Universalis also called “universal music” is a philosophical idea that sees the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets as a kind of music. This idea is also called the harmony of the spheres.”

This album is a tribute to eleven French artists whose vision has illuminated the world. An exercise to exhibit their artistic talent through electronic music. A piece of music for the newest virtual art places in the galaxy.

Philippe is a plastic graduated architect, he organized and decorated the first electronic evenings in Paris in the early 90s. He is now the greatest architect of the Analog music movement and certainly the best composer of Music for Video Extreme Games.

1. Jean Paul Gautltier

2. Moebius

3. Erik Satie

4. Boris Vian

5. Niki De Saint Phalle

6. Luc Besson

7. Salvator Dali

8. Brigitte Bardot

9. Robert Doisneau

10. Philippe Starck

11. Albert Camus