In-Plant We Trust

A mystic album compiled by Dj Iguana which brings la creme de la creme in a very high cerebral dance of the mind. Among the most important psytrance compilations ever released.

The CD C In Plants We Trust has never before been available to the public. It is a collector’s item and is only available in a very limited quantity on the original CD and not as a download.

Shaman Electro Records
(We Tattoo Your Brain)

1. Atriohm – Great Ilusion

2. Drury Nevil – Bolenath

3. Savage Scream – Alone In The Dark (Shaman Edit)

4. Gidra – Vegetative Process

5. Onkel Dunkel – Ohms Law

6. Encephalopaticys – Happenings

7. Drury Nevil Vs Naked Tourist – Olga DX1

8. Atriohm Vs Encephalopaticys – Gaca

9. Stranger – Unknown Tourist