Galactic Mantra Ovnimoon Remixes

Galactic Mantra is an enduring classic of psychedelic trance music.

Once more, Shaman Electro Records is pleased to offer these two remixes of Galactic Mantra by liquid Soul and Morei. Their remixes give this COSMIC TRACK a new viewpoint.

Face B has two of our favorite Ovnimoon Tracks, F.C.K. the human Behavior and Gaia God.

This is a breathtakingly gorgeous Picture Vinyl with our artwork of a cosmic Electro Nataraja performing the eternal dance of life.

Limited Edition 500 pcs.

Side A

  • Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix) 09:31
  • Galactic Mantra (Morei Remix) 07:47

Side B

  • F.c.k the human behavior (Ovnimoon) 08:51
  • God Gaia (Ovnimoon) 08:43