ALIS Earring


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ALIS Brass Earring will add depth and power to your look.

Wings are associated with a variety of things, including images of Christian ANGELS, fairies, spirits, and demons.
Symbols have different meanings for different people, serving as reminders of certain characteristics they wish to possess or attract into their lives.
They represent not only the ability to fly but also the improvement of the subject.
Winged creatures are frequently messengers of the gods and a symbol of freedom and spirituality.


Bali Gold brass high quality
Includes a transparent coating to prevent tarnishing.

Health benefits of Brass Jewelry

* Natural Antimicrobial and Antibacterial. Because of the sufficient amount of copper in brass, it has antibacterial properties and because of constant contact with skin, the skin absorbs copper and which enters the body. …
* Improved Metabolic Function. …
* Increases Energy.

Caring Instructions

Polish the Brass Regularly
And before you get started on polishing, always wash the brass before polishing it.
All you need is warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft, damp cloth to apply the soapy water, and clean it.


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