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  Atlantis Ring
French Egyptologist Marquis d’Agrain uncovered a ring in an Egyptian High Priest’s tomb in 1860.
The ring’s geometric symbols were unique to ancient Egypt.
Because it was different from regular Egyptian artifacts, it came from the Atlanteans.
Howard Carter heard about this ring in 1900 and wore a replica for the remainder of his life.
In 1922, he was the lone survivor of 18 people who helped open Tut Ankh Amon’s sarcophagus.
He later said he was wearing a talisman when he opened the tomb to protect him from danger.
Only after his death, in 1940, was the Atlantis Ring mentioned in his personal archives.

The Atlantis Ring’s energy qualities provide a protective shield as it tunes to the wearer’s body energies.
Enhances bio-energetic field, health, intuition, positive energy, metaphysical communication, spiritual growth, and self-discovery.
Negativity, curses, & psychic attacks
Accidents and dangers
Aura malfunction


Gold, Silver


925 Silver Sterling, Gold Vermeil


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