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The liquid meltdown of reality!
Drop in, drop on & drop out.
Print designed by:TLukas Kavik who specialize in fluorescent paintings, mindblowing psychedelic backdrops and installations for parties. The history of the Fluorobotanics painting concept includes many past experiments with techniques and various media, with the subject matter always pertaining to nature – from the abstraction of natural forms, to fully interconnected organic forms. Through art, a means of visual communication is established. The backdrops create a surreal pseudo-3D space where people can move and let their minds and feelings wander. The work of art expresses feelings, visions and energy which can incite your imagination. These paintings help to bring a good atmosphere to a gathering – which is important when planning a successful party
The liquid meltdown of reality!
Drop-in, drop on & drop out.
Print designed by: Fluorobotanics


approx 3.6 m x 2 m. (142 In x 80 In)


Space Tribe


Hand-painted batik.
12 Loops for easy hanging!
UV Active!
100% cotton, fully machine washable.
(Wash separately the first time as colors may run.)


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