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A pendulum works with energy and light.
Copper is a highly conductive metal.
If you use a pendulum, you’re working with energy transfer, and the metal used to convey that energy is important.
Why not use the best materials available?
Copper in its purest form is a highly conductive earth element.
But copper is a non-precious metal that is abundant.
Metal powers modern electronics.
Copper has been used by humans for about 10,000 years.
Used in present-day water pipes, circuit boards, and super-conductors, as well as coins, machine parts, and roofing.
It’s quite adaptable.
Metalworkers utilize it for healing and divination.
It can boost and straighten crystal energies or insulate against electromagnetic pollution (computers).




Metals Type



Mood Tracker

Product Name

Metal Copper Pendulum Pendant

Pendulum Feature

Copper Chain , 4 Plated Colors

Metal Color 2

Rose Gold Plated , Antique Copper Plated


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