Sustained Vibrance

Shaman Brand offers only custom-fit t-shirts, shirts, and pants.

Our product approach is “Sustained Vibrance”

How can we deliver ‘new’ (colors, goods, features) while maintaining zero waste and no overproduction?

Our brand strategy focuses on ‘how,’ not ‘why.’ Brands love their “why.”Why exist?

Our mission: Sustainability makes sense. How do we do it?

SHAMAN’s focus on depth sets us apart.

We don’t want superficial answers (e.g. including a bit of organic fabric into the mix).

We propose a drastic supply chain redesign.

Today, the industry tries to predict trends, produces lots of clothes, and hopes to sell them all (with unsold inventories going to waste or being burnt to make room for the next season).

2022? How? For SHAMAN

Model flip Nothing is made unless sold.

Each product is handcrafted and unique. To do so, we used an engineer’s approach, technology breakthroughs, and lean manufacturing to scale made-to-order.

As much as we pride ourselves on our sustainability, we believe sustainability is not a big enough selling point for new brands.

Sustainable products also have to be great quality products. that is why we offer Electro Couture for our business to be sustainable (and make a real change in the industry) we must also offer something better to customers.

We only create products from the highest quality materials.

We make it easy to get custom clothing in less than 1 week of making with the perfect size ready to send.

Electro Couture blends with Haute Couture for the highest quality Sustainable Fashion.