The Shaman Ten

1. Purify

We stick to a strict list of banned substances to make sure that carcinogens, hormone-disrupting chemicals, and other harmful chemicals don’t get into our supply chain and end up in your body.

By using organic materials and dyes that don’t harm people, we keep both of our customers safe.

2. Imperative

We think that the best way to reduce your impact is to buy good things that will last a long time. So, we make styles that don’t change with the seasons and can be worn every day, all year long.

From the way we design to the colors we use, we try to make pieces that will last for a long time.

3. Organic

As much as possible, we use organic yarns and dyes so that people and the environment don’t have to deal with harmful pesticides.

4. Honest

When we say we make safe, comfortable, and fair places to work, this is true for a lot more than just our headquarters.

Everyone in our supply chain, including farmers, people who make clothes, and people who recycle, needs to be treated with respect and make good decisions about carbon emissions, water use, and chemical use.

5. Responsible human-centered

Shaman was started by responsible Humans, is run by responsible Humans, and makes products for all responsible Humans at all stages of life.

6. No more plastic

It’s not so great to live in plastic. Because of this, we’ve tried to get rid of most of the plastic in our labels and packaging.

7. Timeless design

A world of designs that will last forever and honor the people who make them and the places where they are made.

8. Local

We have strong ties to our community, and we wouldn’t give them up for anything.

We believe in building long-term partnerships in our local areas to help garment workers and cut down on pollution from transportation.

9. Shaman Portal is the result of the collaboration of a big number of designers
as developers from around the globe.

We seek to build collaborations with vendors who share our commitment to sustainability, accountability, and transparency.

Our Moral Sourcing Standard highlights our aim to develop relationships in which we and the factories we work with take responsibility for the well-being of people.

10. The foundation of these connections will be our Ethical Sourcing Standard

If a factory meets both of these conditions, it will be designated an approved SHAMAN collaborator.