Indonesian Motorcycle Tour

Tours & Explorations

Accompanied trips only. All of Indonesia (see map above).

Motorcycles available: Kawasaki Versys 250, Honda CRF 250. All motorcycles are equipped with waterproof soft saddlebags.

Shaman Spirit

The realm of motorcycle travel is where Shaman Travel got its start, and those roots run deep.

Travelers will find Indonesia to be among the world’s most breathtaking and exciting destinations, and the island of Bali to be the country’s, spiritual heart and soul. As a result, Shaman provides riders who are interested in exploring Bali and the islands that surround it not only with a great ride but also with a journey that is full of discoveries and extraordinary wild adventures.

To elevate the joy of motorcycle riding and to serve as your resource in this incredible archipelago of more than seventeen thousand islands in Indonesia, where our expert guides are ready to assist riders of any level throughout our global community, to elevate the joy of motorcycle riding, and to find freedom and connection with friends and other riders alike.

At Shaman, we want to make sure that you leave with peace a sense of belonging to a community, a thirst for travel, and an excitement for your next motorcycle riding expedition.

Shaman Travel

Indonesia is the wildest country on the planet, and we offer the most extreme road and travel experiences to give you a real sense of adventure.

There are a few well-known drives around the world that are very hard and nerve-wracking, with situations that are hard to predict and new problems at every turn.
Extreme doesn’t even begin to describe them. And the challenge of going against the odds is what makes them so appealing to some people. There are a lot of tough roads that will push you to your physical and mental limits. But there are a lot of benefits.

A motorbike trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of the beautiful scenery and surprises along the way. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. They are spread out over more than 3,000 miles along the equator, connecting Asia and Australasia. On a number of islands, tropical forests grow from humid lowlands all the way up to mountain ranges. Thousands of peaceful atolls are surrounded by coral reefs, but on other coasts, big waves crash into rough rocks.

The mountains in Papua are so high that they are always covered in ice, The world’s most rare living animals, and the land of the last wild tribes. Here are the world’s craziest, craziest road trips that will give you the chills and show you the true beauty of Indonesia.

Our Partner is the most qualified motorbike tour company headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. It has access to all of the authorizations that are associated with its object. It is classified as “PARIWISATA” (tourism), which is the equivalent of Tours-Operators in the United States.

Owner of 17 motorcycles that are ready to ride, as well as a motorcycle maintenance shop.